Style Studios

Do you ever have days of "I've got nothing to wear"? 

Do you feel that your everyday outfits aren't quite cutting the mustard anymore but you don't know how to make a change without spending a fortune?

Are you at that scary crossroads of mutton and frump and need a bit of help navigating?

Are there oodles of things in your wardrobe that you've spent a fortune on but have no idea really how to make use of them on a day to day basis?

Is it hard to get that balance in your wardrobe of things to wear during the day and what to wear on a night out? 

Well maybe a Style Studio would be an idea for you - either on your own or with a group of friends.

A three hour (usually stretches to four) session in either the morning or afternoon, at either my house with coffee and a light lunch) or at yours if you would prefer. (location depending......!) 

The Studios work really well with between 4 and 8 friends - you email me before we meet about what you'd like help and ideas with and I can have the research done and ready for when you arrive - your personal shopping list (with options!) compiled especially for you. 

Alternatively, there will be dates when I have an open house and you're more than welcome to come along. 

I also encourage everyone to bring with them a bag of offending items from their wardrobe. Those gems that you're not sure still belong in there anymore or things that you love but don't know how to wear.  We'll go through them together and "kill or keep". 

Seasonal topics which are of interest are:-

Spring Summer nights out - what does one wear without looking like an ageing librarian or a lady of the night?
Birthday present lists - a perfect time to fill up that wish list with gems which I can help you find - your husband and friends are going to love me! 
Sales lists - are there any gems that you should be looking at as investment in the (dreaded) Sales. (they'll be here sooner than we think...... And more importantly, what's the best way to snag them?
General S/S wardrobe questions - what can you add to your existing wardrobe to give it a new lease of life rather than starting from scratch with a whole set of new clothes?

For more information, dates and prices, or should you have any further queries, please contact me, Kat on


9 comentarios:

  1. Oh gosh I keep trying to get you to respond about this..... no luck!!

  2. I would LOVE to do this with a group of friends :)) Do it at a reduced price and I'll blog about it?!

  3. Where can I find you on Instagram? Thanks x

    1. Doesmybumlook40. Just type that into search bar on Instagram

  4. Could you do something on really good skinnies (thas cost less than £100) please. Every time i think I'm onto a winner they lose their. shape - and after only a few wears. Thank you!

  5. An item on leather or faux leather trousers/leather jeans would be great!!!!

  6. Would really love your inspiration on hand-luggage! Especially for those cheeky weekends away without the kids!

  7. how about something on coats or jackets for autumn?

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